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The story behind Marilyn Monroe's most iconic photo.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's most iconic photo is undoubtedly the one of her standing over a subway grate with her white dress billowing up around her. The picture was taken in September 15th 1954 when Monroe was 26 at the time, for a film called The Seven Year Itch and was one of her first major films she starred in, and it's become one of the most famous images of Monroe (and perhaps of any woman) in history.

If you're a fan of Marilyn Monroe, then this is a story that you definitely need to know. It's the behind-the-scenes tale of one of her most famous photos, and it shows just how spontaneous and sexy she could be.

The photo came from an idea that Sam organized for Friday magazine in the 1940's featuring a young girl and sailor playing near Coney Island, New York.

But the story behind the photo is just as fascinating as the image itself. The photographer, Sam Shaw, originally wanted to shoot the scene on a busy New York City Street. The shoot was for publicity purposes in New York where a large crowd of photographers and press were invited. But the noise from all those people made it difficult to film, so instead, they decided to shoot the scene on a soundstage at Twentieth Century Fox Studios. And to get the effect of a gust of wind blowing up Monroe's dress, they used two large electric fans.

What many people don't know is that the picture almost didn't happen. The original plan was for Monroe to stand on a platform above the grate, but when she got there, she realized that the platform was too high and she would be unable to see the director's signals. So, instead, she improvised and lowered herself down onto the grate itself. That decision ended up making the photo even more iconic.

The result was an unforgettable image that has come to symbolize Monroe's sex appeal and vulnerability. It's also a reminder of her incredible talent as an actress and model, as she was able to make even the most mundane situations look glamorous.

Monroe was apparently a good sport about the whole thing, even though she knew that the photo would be controversial. In fact, she later said that she thought the photo was "rather sweet."

The image has been reproduced countless times, and it's become one of the most recognizable photos in the world. It's also one of the most popular images of Marilyn Monroe. So next time you see it, you'll know the story behind it.

Unfortunately, Monroe died just a few years after the photo was taken, but her legacy endures. And this iconic image is definitely a big part of that. Thanks to Monroe, the world has one of its most enduring sex symbols. And thanks to Shaw, we have one of the most iconic photos in history.

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